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Our Founder, Crystal (Registered IFA Aromatherapist (UK), NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist (USA) and IFSCC recognized International Cosmetic Chemist), was suffering from eczema since early in her childhood. She spent many years in search of a cure by trying countless skincare products and remedies, however to no avail. When she discovered Aromatherapy, a type of Naturopathy, she started treatment on her eczema with her own blends of oils and immediately noticed improvement on her skin. By the time she started her Aromatherapy studies, her eczema was fully cured! After becoming an Aromatherapist, she completely fell in love with her skincare formulation and decided to start her Cosmetic Science studies. After going through her personal healing journey, she would now love to share this Natural Scientific Healing Power with you.

我們的創辦人Crystal (註冊英國IFA香薰治療師, 美國NAHA國家整體芳療協會專業香薰治療師及國際化妝品化學師協會IFSCC的認可國際化妝品配方師) 從小已受濕疹困擾,她曾經找尋不同的治療方法不果,當她遇到香薰治療(自然療法的一種)時,開始治療她的濕疹,在她終於痊癒的同時,她也開展了她的註冊香薰治療師的學習生涯,在考獲註冊英國IFA及美國NAHA國家整體芳療協會專業香薰治療師後,發現對護膚品研發的熱愛,因此開始修讀化妝品科學,現在她希望與您分享這份柔合天然及科研的療癒力量。


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